HOME is quite literally where the Heart is….

We know our Upholstery very well, but our expertise also includes providing a unique co-creative process, we work exclusively with individuals who are building, renovating, rearranging, or just clearing the clutter in their homes. Because we choose not to work on large commercial projects, we are able to provide a very personalised,  unique service to people who want friendly, knowledgeable guidance as they create the kind of space they will love to go home to. 

Whether your needs are curtains, upholstery for an old loved family heirloom, finishing with rugs or artwork that ties it all together, or you simply need a few tips on rearranging what you already have in your home; there is no project too big or too small.

 We can help you with anything from complete renovations and new builds, to simply offering a second opinion on how to change up a room most cost effectively. We can coach you through the process so that you can feel confident and relaxed about the process. Residential homes and Apartments are our speciality. 



We know how important our homes are. They are our 'safe place'. When our homes are in upheaval or undergoing change, it can feel daunting and stressful. Our job is to walk with you, provide a plan of attack so the road ahead is taken in bight size pieces, removing a lot of the 'unknown' which tends to be what we stress most about!

The gap between a house and a HOME is only in the amount of permission we give ourselves to fully be ourselves within it
— Gayla Maxwell - Director, DreamHome Interiors